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            Videographers: How do I stream my video to Remote Counsel?

            Remote Counsel supports many different encoding applications.  Below is a list of free applications that have been tested and fully supported by Remote Counsel. 

            If you utilize software not included on this list, we are happy to work with you - best effort - to get it configured, connected and tuned for the Remote Counsel streaming platform.

            The default port to push video is 1935.  If you experience firewall issues / port 1935 being blocked at the location from which you're streaming, try pushing over port 80 instead.  To push video over port 80, simply change "1935" to "80" in the RTMP URL.  The RTMP URL is listed in each of the step-by-steps below.

            Click Here to install OBS Studio (Remote Counsel Preferred)  -  OBS Studio works on Windows, Mac and Linux.  It's open source, well supported and cross platform friendly.  It receives regular update and service releases.  The user base is strong and there are hundreds of resources, discussion groups and developers that are focused on customizing, tweaking and promoting the application as a whole.  OBS is Remote Counsel's preferred encoding software.

            Click here to install Xsplit Broadcaster - X-Split is Windows Only.  Solid, feature rich solution that has both paid and free services levels.  A little more resource hungry than OBS, but a good alternative with some really nice features.  Well supported with regular updates and service patches.

            Click here to install Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder - Flash Media Live Encoder works on both Windows & Mac.  It has a really intuitive interface and a viable alternative if experiencing configuration / compatibility issues with either OBS or Xsplit.  This software is an older release and has been End of Lifed by Adobe.  Will lack support for newer hardware, cameras, codecs, formats, etc., but still a solid live streaming application.

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