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            Remote Counsel Audio Conferencing

            *Please note RC audio conferencing is a separate and independent service of audio conferencing features in our Cameo platform.

            Domestic vs. International Audio Conferencing  

            While they can be used interchangeably for international & domestic conferences, there are pros and cons with doing so.


            1. Offer your overseas clients a local number they can dial.  This saves them money as they don't have to dial international long distance to a U.S. number. 
            2. Additional per minute cost are incurred by you, the host of the conference, for the international caller.  The per minute cost is based on the country from which they are dialing. See the international Rate Page here.
            International conferences run on a different system than domestic conferences.  Note the "Find Numbers" link (below image) you must click to get your dial-in number.  The numbers in the "Find Numbers" list apply to both international and domestic participants when using an International Conference. 


            1. Overseas clients do not have a local number option. 
            2. International long distance charges are incurred by international participants.  The only way they can connect will be to dial international long distance to your U.S. number.
            3. Per minute costs for you as the host are typically lower than when using an international conference.
            4. See rates here.
            Domestic conferences run on a different system than International.  You must use the posted dial-in number when connecting.  Dial-in numbers listed under the international "Find Numbers" link will not work with domestic conferences.

            How do I know if my PIN set / conference is  international or domestic?  

            When logged in to Remote Counsel select "My Account" from the menu bar.  You'll see a summary of your account profile.  At the bottom of the summary, is your audio conference information.  The image below shows the difference int the way international and Domestic conference numbers are displayed in your profile.

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