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            Remote Counsel Audio Conferencing & Teleconferencing User Guide

            Remote Counsel Audio Conferencing User Guide

            *Please note RC audio conferencing is a separate and independent service of audio conferencing features in our Cameo platform.

            Audio Conference Controls and Features

            Standard features and * codes below. These features give you control over most aspects of your conference call. 


            ·      Tone on Entry

            ·      Tone on Exit

            ·      Participants on hold until the moderator pass code is entered

            ·      Post Conference Report (emailed to your preferred email address)

            ·      Record Name for Roll Call


            Conference Shortcuts

            ·      Press *1 to hear a help menu.

            ·      Press *0 to reach an operator or get technical support.

            ·      Press *6 to mute or "un-mute" line.

            ·      Press *4 to increase conference volume.

            ·      Press *7 to decrease conference volume.

            ·      Press *5 to increase your voice volume.

            ·      Press *8 to decrease your voice volume.


            Moderator Features

            ·      Press *91 to hear a participant count.

            ·      Press *92 to hear a roll call of participants.

            ·      Press *93 to disconnect all participant lines.

            ·      Press *94 to lock or unlock conference.

            ·      Press *95 to dial out to participants.

            ·      Press *96 to mute all participant lines.

            ·      Press *97 to un-mute all participant lines.

            ·      Press *21 to activate Subconferencing.

            ·      Press *22 to initiate record (*22 again to pause/stop the recording)  Please contact Remote Counsel to retrieve a copy of the recording.  Recording is only available for 30 days, then deleted from the server.

            ·      Press *32 to record your Conference Introduction.


            Technical Support

            To or add or remove PIN sets, retrieve recordings, change pass codes, or modify settings listed under the advanced feature section of this document, please contact Remote Counsel @ 877-838-9067 Option 3.

            For technical assistance with an audio conference (won't let you or others join, won't allow you to initiate any of the feature codes listed under the Controls and Feature section above, can't hear participants, etc.), please dial *0 from within the conference, or call either 888-412-3973 or 719-325-5344 and have your PIN set ready.

            Advanced Features

            The following features can be enabled and disabled upon request.  Items already checked are the default values applied to all conferences.

            1. Utilize a tone, announce the caller's name, or allow for silent transitions where participants are able to join and leave without alerting others.

            1. If enabled, callers who have dialed in with the guest passcode will be put on hold with music until the Host has joined the call. 

            This option is enforced on conferences if Enhanced Authentication is selected (described below) while creating a new conference account and cannot be changed in case of edits as well.

            1. If enabled, the host will be asked to enter his Client ID and his host passcode to enter the conference.  When enabled all guests will be placed on hold with music until the host has dialed in and entered both his client ID and host passcode.

            1. A PO/Billing Reference Number can also be changed at the time of the call using PO Override. When enabled, the host will be prompted for a new PO number upon entering the conference. The host may then enter a numeric code using their touchtone keypad, which will replace the existing PO number and appear on all reports and invoices. (Note: The host can also add a hyphen by pressing the star key).

            1. If enabled, guests will be prompted to enter an additional PIN number to gain entry to the conference.

            1. If enabled, the conference will end after a short time if no Host joins.

            1. If enabled, the conference will automatically terminate when the host disconnects.  This is not enabled by default because most clients do not want the conference to end if the host inadvertently, or for any reason, drops in the middle of the conference.  This allows for the host to rejoin and continue the conference without forcing everyone to dial back in.

            1. If enabled, guests will be asked to state their name as they enter the conference. When the host joins the call, he or she will hear a roll-call allowing him to determine who has joined the call. This option has two sub-options: Play Roll-Call for Host (the default) and Skip Roll-Call for Host. The default sub-option means that callers will be prompted for their name before being put on hold, and when the host joins the call, he or she will hear a roll-call allowing him to determine who has joined the call. To cancel the roll-call playback, press the * key.

            1. After each conference has ended, a basic, preliminary report of the conference will be sent to the email address of the conference owner. The report shows the following information:
              1. Host Name, Company Name, Conference Name, Conference Code, and PO/Billing Code
              2. A table showing the following information for each conference guest: Caller Number (if known), Name (if known), Start Time, End Time, and Total Minutes in conference
              3. A Conference Summary showing the Start Time, End Time, Duration, and Total Conference Minutes for the conference.

            This option is enforced on conferences if Enhanced Authentication is selected while creating a new conference account and cannot be changed in case of edits as well.

            1. If enabled, the host will be prompted to input the client number and/or matter number when joining the conference.  Since these conferences are typically used for multiple clients and matters, this option is not enabled.  If you want to assign a conference permanently to a client or matter, this option might make sense for you.

            1. If enabled, recording files for this meeting will be available for download via Remote Counsel Admins.  The recording files are available for 30 days, then automatically deleted from the server.

            1. If enabled, the recording of the conference will be accessible for viewing for 180 days.

            1. If enabled, a passcode for users who are listen-only Participants will be available for this conference

            1. If enabled, the count of callers when joining a meeting will not be played.
            2. If enabled, the periodic announcement that plays "No callers" is disabled as well.  This announcement plays from time to time when the host has joined a conference but participants have not.  The periodic announcement can be disruptive when the host must remain connected in the event participants eventually join.

            1. If enabled, this conference will not be allowed to be recorded

            1. Enable moderator dial-out.  If enabled moderator can dial *95 and dial out to participants and join them in to the conference.  

            1. Secure Touch enables a set of security features. Together, these features increase the security of your conference by verifying the client's identity and controlling when the conference starts (only after the client has joined). There is no additional charge for this feature. Selecting Secure Touch will automatically set the following conference options:
            1. Announce Name on entry/exit
            2. Music on Hold
            3. Roll-Call
            4. Validate Moderator
            5. In addition, Secure Touch provides the following standard conference features:
            6. Disconnect all Participant Lines (press *93)
            7. Lock/Unlock (press *94)
            8. Mute All Participant Lines (press *96 -- To "un-mute all" press *97)
            You may disable any individual option even if Secure Touch has been selected. For example selecting Secure Touch will automatically enable Validate Client, but you are free to de-select that option if desired.

            1. Enhanced Authentication is an additional level of security that helps prevent fraudulent use of audio accounts in high-risk locations like Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan. All phone meetings with EA selected have the following required options selected and enforced:
              1. System-generated, 10-digit passcode(s) for host and guest (Random or Single passcode type)
              2. Music on hold until host joins
              3. Post-meeting report sent via email to the host
            Local and International access numbers in any of the following countries are not enabled unless Enhanced Authentication is selected for the audio account.
            Brazil, India, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Taiwan

            Contact Sales:  
            (877) 838-9080 option 2

            Contact Support:
            (877) 838-9080 option 3

            Updated: 11 Sep 2019 01:51 AM
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