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            Troubleshooting - It's not working....Help!

            Troubleshooting Tips and Best Practices

            Video Streaming 

            Error message appears when you start streaming with your encoder software. 

            The default port to push video over is 1935.  If you experience network or firewall issues and suspect port 1935 might be blocked at the location from which you're streaming, try pushing over port 80 instead.  You can do so  by changing "1935" to "80" in the RTMP URL.  The RTMP URL is covered in each of our step-by-step encoder guides.

            Another possibility is a typo in the RTMP URL or your username and password.  These values are all case sensitive.  Please double-check they were entered exactly as presented in the emails and documentation you are working from.

            Software shows connected and streaming (no errors), but the video is not showing in Remote Counsel. 

            This usually indicates you've connected to the server successfullyand sending a feed to the server  (i.e. RTMP URL and username and password are correct) , but the server cannot find any associated Remote Counsel event to send to.  Most common cause is a typo in the stream key.  The stream key is case sensitive.  Please double-check that it was entered exactly as presented in your emails and / or documentation.

            Text Streaming

            There are only two ports that can be used to send text to our service. 

            Port 4000 and port 80.  CAT Shuttle automatically switches between 4000 and 80 in an attempt to establish a connection with our server.  Case CATalyst users must manually change from 80 to 4000 under the output to speche tab.  Those settings are covered in the step-by-step section of our Case CATalyst configuration guide.  


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            Remote Counsel Audio Conferencing

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            Updated: 22 May 2019 04:21 AM
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